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The Ohio School Psychologists Association and OSPAOnline recognize the importance of protecting your privacy as a user of this web site. This web site does not collect any personal information about you except for information that you voluntarily provide (e.g. when you submit an e-mail to us with comments about our web site and you do not specifically indicate that the information contained within is to be considered confidential.)

OSPAOnline neither sets cookies in your web browser nor intentionally provides user e-mail addresses to marketing/spam mailing companies. Unless specifically approved by the OSPA Executive Board, the authors of the OSPA web site and listserv will not provide membership information, email addresses, postal mail addresses, or participate in any other activities that would involve releasing the private contact information of the organization's membership.

Terms & Conditions

As a user of this web site, you are welcome to freely read, hyperlink, and distribute its content providing you appropriately cite the web site and OSPA. For more information about appropriate use of the site's content, please contact Jeff York.

OSPAOnline has been designed and carefully reviewed to avoid substantive errors in function and usability. All files provided for download have been virus scanned and do not purposefully contain viruses or other malicious code. If you encounter difficulty accessing OSPAOnline or require technical support, please contact Jeff York.

Design Credits

OSPAOnline was established in April, 2000 through the tireless efforts of Caven S. Mcloughlin and Erich Merkle. The initial setup and design could not have been completed without the full of support of 1999-2000 OSPA President Juliette Madigan and the OSPA Executive Board.

OSPAOnline's content editor and website administrator is Jeff York. Requests to publish advertisements and relevant news should first involve a viewing of the web site's Submission Guidelines page. Failure to follow the submission guidelines may result in rejection of your content.

If you have questions or comments about the terms, conditions, or privacy information contained on this page, please contact the OSPA Web Administrator, Jeff York , for more information.