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Spring 2016 Conference Downloads

We are happy to announce that the Spring 2016 Conference handouts are available for download to logged in conference registrants. As with previous conferences, we ask that conference attendees download and print or import them to their device of choice prior to attending the conference. We hope to see you all there, this is shaping up to be an outstanding professional development event!

Wednesday, April 20th

Ethics Workshop - The Ethics of Scientific Thinking: Assessment, Intervention, and Decision-Making
Kathy McNamara, Ph.D.
(Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)

Thursday, April 21st

State Department Update: Michael Petrasek Ed.D. & Amy Szymanski, OEC
Improving Post-School Success for Students with Disabilities (Handout-Slides) (Handout-6 slides per page)
Implications of ESSA for School Psychologists (Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)
NASP Crosswalk

Morning Session: Research Informing Practice: Evidence from the Florida Learning Disabilities Research Projects: Dr. Richard K. Wagner

Part 1 (Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)
Part 2 (Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)

Afternoon Session: Untangling Reading Comprehension: Diagnosing and Articulating Comprehension Difficulties: Dr. Katherine Stahl
(Handout-Slides) (Handout-6 slides per page)

Friday, April 22nd

Dyslexia Pilot Project: Julie Morrison, Tai Collins, Renee Hawkins, University of Cincinnati
(Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)

All Day Session: Evidence-Based Interventions for Preventing Reading Failure: Lessons from the Florida Center for Reading Research: Dr. Adrea Truckenmiller
(Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)

Thursday/Friday Handout Bundle* (Click here

*excludes State Department Update & Dyslexia Pilot Project