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Submission Guidelines

Revised Winter, 2018

The OSPAOnline staff welcomes content submissions from both OSPA and non-OSPA members for inclusion on the OSPA web site and in The Ohio School Psychologist publication.

For TOSP The Ohio School Psychologist (TOSP) is the official publication of the Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA). OSPA members are strongly encouraged to submit general articles of interest for this publication. The editor reserves the right to edit all articles. Unsigned submissions will not be published.

Articles should be sent via email to All articles must be submitted in APA 6th edition format. Preferred formatting is paragraphs without indentation and without space between, submitted as a Word doc. CLICK HERE to submit an article.

Rates for advertising are $300 for a full page ad and $200 for a half page ad. Special discounts are provided for a one-year commitment and other unique needs. Advertisements that are run in TOSP do not indicate official sanction, promotion, or endorsement by OSPA. TOSP is not responsible for claims made in advertisements or submissions. All submissions must be consistent with the general scholarship and professionalism of this publication.

OSPA and the Editor reserve the right to edit and/or reject advertisements, announcements, letters, articles, and other submissions based upon legal, social, professional, ethical or other considerations.

For the website: This content may include items of interest to Ohio school psychologists, Ohio-based job posts for the OSPAOnline Job Forum, and relevant news items about OSPA events and school psychological practitioners. Commercial solicitations, advertisements for products, and unsolicited "spam" email generally will not be considered for publication on OSPA web site.

When submitting materials to the OSPA web site, please submit as Word documents to

The OSPAOnline staff reserves the right to modify your submission content to fit available space and design constraints of the OSPA web site. In addition, the OSPAOnline staff retains the authority to limit or reject any submissions failing to comply with these guidelines or the overall content of the OSPA web site.